Car Key Replacement Without The Original Key Available

Without a working key, it is safe to say that your car, as valuable as it is, won’t be of much use to you. whether if you didn’t have the key with you because you’ve lost it, or because it got broken, you will most likely be in need of a car key replacement. In general, a car key replacement is not a complex procedure for a professional locksmith Portland company, but when the original key of the car is not present, the procedure can get a little tricky. This almost raises the question, is car key replacement possible without the original key available?

So why have a car key replacement done without the original?

Don’t get the wrong idea, an automotive locksmith make car keys all the time using the original key. In fact, it is much easier and take less time to have a duplicate car key done when you have the original car key available. This is where the process of having a car key replacement done is different, when the original is not available.

Most people will find that having a spare car key is very valuable, especially for those who are car dependent on a regular basis. That way, if you lose or have a car key failure, you can always resort to the spare key you have instead of calling a professional locksmith for a car key replacement.

There can be many reasons in which a new car key is needed. for some, it may be because the original key was lost and no spare is available. For others, it can be because the original car key has suffered some sort of damage that is not repairable. Most notable damage that happens a lot is a broken key inside the door lock or ignition.

So where is it possible to have a car key replacement without the original key?

When you live in an area like Portland, OR, there are many options for people to have a car key replacement done. Choosing the right place for the service should not be too difficult. It’s all about finding the right locksmith company that will be able to provide you with a car key make solution professionally as soon as possible.

For most people, where are they going to have a car key replacement done will depend on the cost which varies greatly between having it done by an automotive locksmith and the local car dealership. Having a locksmith create a new car key for you will normally be far less of a cost than to do it at the dealership. Additionally, instead of trying to figure out how to get your “keyless” car to the dealership, an automotive locksmith in Portland would normally offer mobile services which means he or she will travel to your location to provide the car key replacement service.

Determining the type of car key

Before contacting your local locksmith in Portland such as Premier Locksmith and Security or the car dealership for a car key replacement, it is important to know what type of key you had for the car. This will initially save time in the process and will make it easier on the technician to provide you with a solution. There are a wide range of make and models in the market and every manufacturer will use different type of keys for each of the models under its brand.

Technically, even if you do not posses your key, you can still determine what type of key would need to be used for the car key replacement service. Traditionally, there would be 3 different types, a standard mechanical key, a transponder key, or a key fob. It would be helpful to know which type of key you had since there is a chance for one particular model to use 2 different types of keys. Being aware of the particular type of key you need will ensure the service will go smoothly.

Portland locksmith car key replacement

Having your vehicle information ready

Once you decided on a place to have your car key replacement done and the type of key you would need, you would have to make sure you have all the vehicle information in order. This will ensure that the automotive locksmith or the car dealership will know exactly the type of key they will use to make you a new car key.

When the original key is none existent, some of the information that would be required in order to do the car key replacement is the vehicle VIN number. The VIN number can be found in multiple places such as on the corner of the windshield, inside the glove compartment, on the door jambs, and even on your registration paperwork. Aside from that, you will need to provide proof that you are indeed the owner of the vehicle before the procedure begins.

The VIN number will allow the locksmith or the dealership to get information about the exact type of key that your vehicle requires in order to complete the car key replacement procedure successfully when the original key is not available. An automotive locksmith has access to a database contains key code information in regards to various make and models in the market which is necessary in order to have the car key make done when the original is not available.

Waiting time

Once all the appropriate information is gathered, the process for the car key replacement without the original can begin. Depending where you decided to go, there will be some waiting time when the service is performed. More time than traditional car key duplication normally.

The long waiting time is especially true for an automotive locksmith which have to produce the right cuts for the car key by going through the database using the vehicle’s VIN. When the original is available, such step in the process is not necessary and time is saved.

What may add some additional time is the fact that your vehicle might be equipped with a transponder system. In such case, a programming procedure would need to be added as well. This is especially true for modern vehicles manufactured after 2000. Contact us for all of your car key replacement needs.