Broken Lock Symptoms And When Lock Repair Is Required

When you are experiencing issues with your door lock at home, the question that is always rising is if you should have it repaired or replaced. The truth is, even the most expert locksmith in Portland wouldn’t be able to determine if it is a lock repair that is needed or lock replacement without examining the lock personally. In most cases, a broken door lock can be repaired by a locksmith Portland professional. However, in some case, it would need to be replaced.

There are many cases in which a residential locksmith in Portland would be able to do a lock repair on a door lock. Even though some door locks may be different from each other as well as the type of malfunction, the problem would likely be common. An experienced residential locksmith would be able to determine if the lock is beyond repair and would need a replacement or if it can go through a lock repair.

Lock repair Portland locksmith

Symptoms of a broken lock needing a lock repair

If you feel that your door lock does not functioning as it should be, and you are concerned about the ability of it to properly secure your home, then it might be a time for a lock repair. When you are using something on a daily basis such as the door lock, it is easy to realize sooner than later if something is wrong with it. Even if the change in the lock operation is minimal, you will still most likely feel the difference.

When a door lock stops operating properly, there can be several reasons for that. A door lock that was exposed to heavy use, or door locks that have become old and brittle from many years of service, will need a lock repair. An older lock for example will function at a slower pace and would have much more resistance than a fairly new door lock. When you notice these symptoms, it might be a good time to call a professional locksmith for a lock repair service.

How long does it usually takes to repair a lock

For a professional locksmith in Portland that has the experience and the right tools, it can take about half an hour to do a lock repair. However, as mentioned before, each lock is different as well as the type of problem a particular lock is having. That is why, initially, it is hard to determine exactly how long it would take to repair a lock.

When it comes to lock repair, it could be an easy fix that would not even require taking the lock apart from the door such as aligning the strike plate. However, it can also be a complicated task that would not only require disassembling the lock from the door, but also taking it apart completely to replace any defective components. These things always play a factor when estimating a time for the lock repair service process.

Common problems that may require repairing the lock

Door locks are just like any other type of mechanical device that needs regular maintenance or/and repair from time to time. Even the highest grade lock would not last forever and most likely would need repair from time to time.

Whenever you incur a problem with a lock at your home, it is crucial you call a Portland locksmith immediately. The sooner a lock issue is dealt with, the less likely a lock replacement would be necessary. It is very common for a door lock to develop minor issues that grow to become a big problem over time if not addressed.
Failure to turn the lock with a key

One of the most common problems with old or worn out door locks is failure to turn the lock using the right key. However, before calling a locksmith Portland company such as Premier Locksmith and Security, you can try lubricating the keyway of the lock in order to resolve the situation quickly. Of course, there is a possibility this might not work and the help of a professional would be needed.

broken key inside a lock

Most people would guess that breaking a key inside a door lock is a very rare occurrence, but it is actually the opposite. Broken key inside lock can occur from many different reasons. If you ever tried using extra force on the key while it is inside the lock to turn it, you may have caused it to break inside the cylinder. In this particular scenario, your best option would be to call a professional locksmith in Portland.

locksmith Portland broken key lock repair

When you ignore the signs of a malfunction lock that in need of a lock repair, you are initially risking the security of your home. When you contact a residential locksmith in Portland, the first thing the technician will do is extract the broken key from the door lock and inspect it following the extraction. The inspection is to assure no damaged has been done to the lock. And if there was damage, a lock repair would be needed.

Jammed deadbolt door lock

If you notice that you are not able to properly operate the deadbolt lock on the front door of your home, it may be in line for a lock repair. Once reason for a malfunctioning deadbolt, is misaligned internal components. Other reason might be the fact that bolt is not able to extend properly into the strike plate that is on the door frame. These are yet more good reasons to call your local locksmith in Portland for a lock repair service.

Constant turn of a door lock cylinder

If you try to operate the lock with a key but notice that the cylinder keep spinning, the lock might need to be repaired by a professional. The way a cylinder is set within a door lock is by a couple of small screws. The only way a cylinder will keep spinning inside a door lock is if those couple of screws got loose or broke altogether. The problem might seem straight forward, but the solution is best left to a professional locksmith that has the experience and right tools to deal with such lock problem properly.

When you own a home, there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to. The door locks or some of those things. Making sure they are working properly at all times is crucial for your home security. After all, a malfunctioning lock might be more serious than you think. However, a professional locksmith such as Premier Locksmith and Security will most likely have the right solution for the situation. If you notice your lock is starting to malfunction, contact us to set an appointment with our professionals for a lock repair service.