When To Have a Lock Rekey Done By a Locksmith At Your Home

Having a lock rekey done to all the locks in an average home is not a small ordeal. In order to complete such task, all the locks that are operated by a key around a home, would need to be removed. As a home owner, just thinking about it, you may feel discouraged. However, for a Portland locksmith who has the experience and is equipped with the right tools, it is “business as usual” of a task that can be completed before lunch time.

So when you should have a lock rekey done exactly?

Additional safety and security for your home

Your top priority when it comes to your home, should be safety and security. This is one of the main reasons to consider having a lock rekey done. A lock rekey will ensure access control to your property. You will soon find out that there are several scenarios in which rekeying your locks would be beneficial to your home security.

Misplaced or lost keys

When you get into a situation where you misplaced or lost something, you may feel a bit hopeless as you may not have the slightest idea where your item can be. It also means that the item may be in a possession of a stranger. Now let just say that the item lost was a key to your home, this puts the matter in a different perspective. Someone else, a stranger might now have taken possession of your lost key. Even if the key was simply misplaced or lost, it still may put a little scare on you wondering what if…

When facing this type of situation, you can go with “best case scenario” and just duplicate a key to compensate for the lost one. However, you never want to take a chance with the security of your home and having that risk someone may got a hold of your key and would attempt to use it. So instead, you should consider having a residential locksmith come and rekey all the locks at your home. That way, the old key instantly becomes useless for anyone to use.

Lock rekey Portland locksmith

Changing homes

If you are an owner of a rental property or you are just about to buy a new home, having a lock rekey done is necessary in order to preserve access control to your property. This is very important to prevent any unauthorized access to the property. You never know the amount of copies the previous home owner and his family or renters may have made and handed to other people.

This is especially critical with rental properties where renters are changing frequently. When renters are moving out and new renters are about to move in, you should have all the locks in the rental unit rekeyed. That way, you prevent previous renters from attempting to access the property for any reason even after they have moved away.

Although rekeying is crucial for security purposes when moving into a new place, there are several other reasons that may convince you to go that route regardless.

Cost effective

When it comes to rekeying locks vs. lock replacement, it is clear that the more cost effective option is a lock rekey since there is less hardware and less labor to be used. No need to purchase new door locks and deadbolts for each exterior door at your home. Instead, the locksmith will simply use a different combination of pins in each cylinder when performing the rekey. This procedure will normally take much less time than having new locks installed.

When you call a locksmith for a lock rekey, you ensure a cost effective solution for the security of your property as well as the assurance that the job will get done in a timely and professional manner. Let a professional locksmith such as Premier Locksmith and Security audit your home security needs. Feel free to contact us at any time regarding having a lock rekey done.